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Coffee Shop Lesson #25

I remember this day a year ago today.

I was working a corporate gig for 3 days in NYC.

The hotel was close to the venue and I walked everywhere I went. The weather was absolutely East Coast best – cool sunny fall days.

Each morning I would walk to the local coffee shop and observe the conversations while placing my order.

I had a ton of conversations over those three days all with the same theme –


It’s a common theme we have as the year hits the last couple months of the year.

Starting the 1st of the year, we are all excited for the New Year and the goals we are about to achieve.

Starting this day, October 19th (and last October 19th when I wrote the blog below), what starts appearing for business owners is many little disappointments along the way that are now a pile of one Big Disappointment for what was not accomplished throughout the business year.

With the end of the year approaching and the numbers are not where you thought they would be, a flurry of activity to “try” to catch up begins.

Business owners are busy making up for the year and at the same time making “making money” hard due to this last push before the holidays.

It’s that List of Disappointments that drives them.

Reality is that the one disappointment that could have been avoided by understanding what it truly takes to sustain their business – more sales!

More Sales would give them more money, eliminate the List of Disappointments, and build a sustainable business! They would be rejoicing at all the impact they had in 2018 and how they could double that impact in 2019.

There is still time to minimize the many disappointments that have piled up for you this year.

I want to invite you to my One-day event in Dallas, Texas, November 7th to Start Tripling Your Sales in 30 Days.

Hi Community,

What a long work day today!  It was a 14-hour day and I’m done talking. 

I did a ton of that all today.  It amazes me how there is always one more nugget to share with people that you know is helpful for them.

The morning started with me turning the wrong way out of the hotel.  In the end I didn’t mind because the weather was great and I got my walk in.  I did stop at the coffee shop I mentioned yesterday.  I didn’t linger as I needed to get to the consulting gig.

I did hear someone say, “That was disappointing.”  They were referring to the pastry they had ate.  The person with them asked why they finished it.  There was only a shrug.

I didn’t think much of this conversation until tonight as I was contemplating what I would share with you.  I thought about the many conversations I had today , a phone call I made, a text conversation I had tonight and the pastry guy.

There was a common theme.


Lesson –

How many times do people disappoint us? 

How many times in our business do we try something and we’re disappointed? 

How disappointed do you get when at the end of the month there’s not enough money.

 It’s different then fear and scared. 

Disappointments pile up sometimes until we tolerate what’s happening.  Sometimes to the point we don’t realize how dangerous that can be to our success.

Take a look at what you’re disappointed about and follow that disappointment to what you really are tolerating.

Don’t let those disappointments pile up on you. 

Change something.

Comment. Share. What 1-2 questions do you have about this lesson?  Ask them and I will answer so we can go further with this topic. (Join me on Facebook to continue the conversation)

Thank you for being part of our community.

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