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Build from Your Power and Not Your Fear

What’s the difference when you build your business from fear or your power?

It’s a question I asked myself when I realized that I was creating, building, selling, coaching, consulting, speaking all from fear years ago.

In that moment of realization, I knew where it started and I had integrated it into my life.  It was the 4 year old who knew she could die in that moment and a lifetime of fear was created.

Ambition, motivation, being a go-getter, setting goals and accomplishing them, all part of me and I loved those pieces.  But I didn’t realize it was all based in fear and so hidden from my truth.

There was a moment of disappointment and regret but knowing what I know and what I do, I did the work to do everything in my life and business from joy and my true power.

It was hit and miss at first.

Then I was able to recognize it when fear was present.

Then it was gone or came in for 30 seconds but I knew and released it.

Fear was gone but where was my ambition, motivation and desires?

I felt adrift for a while and I missed those parts of me because I hadn’t found yet what it would feel or look like to live, build and create without fear.

There was a new me to step into consistently and only then could I live, build and create and get my ambition and motivation from my power.

The new me was there when I ran into someone and they asked, “something’s different about you.  Have you lost weight?”  I chuckled because at that point I had gained about 10 lbs.

My clients are all motivated to do their part with what they do and help change their world and those they serve. They’re smart and ambitious and dedicated to their purpose and their lives and businesses.  Yet, they can outsmart themselves like I did and not even know they are building and creating from fear.

If this is you in any way, start asking questions.

Am I building from fear?

Am I selling from fear?

Am I taking on this project from fear?

Is My business built on fear?

Am I motivated by fear?

Am I fearful of money?

Am I fearful of my own power?

Am I fearful to lead?

Then moving forward, start asking these questions.

Does this support me in my power?

Does this support who I am?

Does this support my business?

Does this support my purpose?

Does this support my wisdom?

Does this support my strengths?

Does this support my clients? My audience?

If the answer is No or even a partial No – don’t do it.

Commit to your life and business from your power and knowing without fear no matter what they are saying in the entrepreneurial space.

There’s growth in this for you.

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