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Blog Post #71 – The Struggle is Real

Hi Community,

The struggle is real for businesses and entrepreneurs.

What’s not recognized by many is the gift is often at the site of the struggle.

“I’m stuck!”

“I can’t!”

“My business seems like a battle at times!”

Of course, SM would never know. 🙂

There are days this sounds so familiar to me.

It’s a common theme that shows up with my clients this time of year. We’ve reached the halfway mark of the year. We’re looking at our businesses and bank accounts. It isn’t reflecting the hard work we are putting in every day.

This hit home last week when I was working with my client at their event. A business owner sat down and told me what they did and their biggest challenge.

The challenge – Love what they do but didn’t have enough clients/customers so consequently they were not making enough money.

I hear it all the time. It was the next words I heard that summed up what many think.

“I hate entrepreneurship. I hate sales.”

Now, we could dissect those statements on so many levels that I would never finish this post but let’s agree on this. That struggle affects over 80% of those I meet who have a business.

What business owners don’t realize is that the struggle over sales and money is your gift!

While our struggle may feel like a train wreck at times, it’s actually the sign of a dynamic psychological money pattern that wants to be put to rest. It’s a sign that the business and life you really want is trying to emerge.

Therein lies the gift – the business and new pattern around sales and money are trying to get out.

Like any gift, you need to unwrap it and use it as intended.

The struggle becomes a strategy for change and making a difference – making sure your marketing and sales strategy are aligned and you are not overly dependent on marketing and little attention on sales.

The struggle becomes insight to what psychological sales and money dynamics are in the way of your success.

The struggle becomes a path to financial freedom and allows you to touch so many more than you would if you don’t accept this gift.

Accept the gift of this struggle in sales and money and embrace the change that’s waiting for you and your business.

The glitch for most is that they look at the next strategy, program or coach and think that’s the magic bullet. This struggle just keeps repeating itself with looking outward for the quick fix.

To truly accept this gift ready to burst out and serve you, you must look inward and see the struggle (get help for that) and then find the right outward path that matches where you struggle with sales and money. It will show you what program to buy or whom to hire.

Don’t keep repeating this struggle. It’s not necessary. If you continue to be a repeat offender of this struggle, then you need to ask yourself –

“what am I getting out of continuing this sales and money struggle?”

That answer is stronger than you wanting to solve this problem and it says you prefer the struggle. Think about that.

Thank you for being part of my Coffee Shop Lesson Community.


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