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Be Unstoppable in 2019 By Building Your Foundation Now

When it comes to sales, there are certain foundational pieces that you should be doing weekly and monthly depending on where you are in your business.

When I discuss this process with my clients, overwhelm can set in, resistance or fear. So many business owners would rather do anything else than have a sales conversation.

Yet, if you don’t have a sales plan – how are you going to grow your business?

I know I risk repeating myself here – but sales is one of the three fundamentals of business.

Yet most businesses would rather chase the next big thing,

write a book,

go to an event,

build an online course,

spend time on social media

or create a marketing plan.

These are all important depending on your business. But they will not work for you unless you have a sales strategy that pairs with each of the above areas.

I know you don’t want to bother people or sound like the used car sales folks. You only feel this way because you don’t have a plan and you don’t know how to be yourself in the sales process.

That’s why it feels “icky” or inauthentic to you.

Along with all the moving pieces of sales, there are some basics that everyone must do if you want money in your bank account. In fact, I’m such a true believer of this first step that I continue to do it weekly.

(That’s how we’ve been able to double the business in the last few months.)

Want to know what these basics are?

Are you ready to do this each and every week?

Right up front, I will tell you –

It’s not sexy.

It’s not fun sometimes.

It’s boring sometimes.

These 6 steps in building a sales foundation are mandatory:

  1. Lead Generation Research
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Sales Conversations
  4. Lead Tracking
  5. Lead Nurturing

Ok, you may be saying to yourself. I can do this.

Are you willing to do this for 20 hours a week? 10 hours? 5 Hours?

When someone is first starting in their business, I recommend they spend 20 hours a week doing money generating activities.

The above list is what I’m talking about to implement in their business.

Once your business starts taking off you need to minimally be at 10 hours weekly.

The most important part is to spend 75% of your time between Lead Generation and Sales Conversations.

I know it’s not a magic pill. It’s the practical side of where to start to build your business.

This foundation piece will serve you well. When you know how to sell your services and products, you can become unstoppable to the people you are here to serve.

It’s all in the Yes! And!

Yes, you serve at the highest level AND you make money.

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