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Are You Taking Care of Your Mental Health?

When I first became a psychotherapist over 20 years ago, I was scared and excited all at the same time.  I had gained a lifetime of experience growing up in my family and now I had the skills to help others. 

The first place I worked at was a nonprofit that saw CPS (Children’s Protective Services) families. The problems were many and it honed my systemic training in looking at the whole instead of just the problem being presented. I was busy.

When I opened my private practice near home in one of the best school districts in the State, some problems were different but I got to see that even in an affluent area CPS was needed. Mental health issues, chaotic families, poor parenting, addiction, and abuse don’t discriminate. I was busy.

When I added working with difficult leaders to my business, the systemic problems were the same.  Underlying all that bravado, were mental health

issues, addiction, family dynamics playing out at work, and addiction to the struggle was more apparent.  I was busy.

When I began this phase of my business, I took my experience building my business, my corporate sales skills, and my psychotherapy background to work with my clients to master their strategy, master their money, and master their minds.  My experience is entrepreneurs are willing to invest in their businesses but very little in their mental health.

I am busy with clients and my clients know the investment they make with me includes their mental health and personal issues that pop up when you are up-leveling your business because you have to up-level you all at the same time.

But I’ve come across many more entrepreneurs who refuse to consider that the struggles they have may be related to their mental health or their psychology or how they grew up.  It’s not the entrepreneurial way.

The Entrepreneurial Way is what we see everywhere on Social Media.

And I’m all for being positive, inspiring, success, and having the income you desire. But not at the expense of ignoring what is right in front of you in your struggles to get there.

80% of you live in entrepreneurial poverty.

80% of you will not be in business in the next 5 years.

80% of you waste time and money by ignoring mental health concerns, family dynamics or personal growth or being addicted to the struggle.

80% of you waste time and money by ignoring mental health concerns, family dynamics or personal growth or being addicted to the struggle.

Many of you at this moment are saying that’s not me. It is in some way if you are still struggling and are not at the success level you desire.

At the very beginning of this business, I threw money at every program and coaching I thought I needed and finally realized I was doing that from fear.  Why? Because my divorce triggers that fear.  When I looked in the mirror, I did not see what I wanted but I knew where it came from and where the root was.  And I went to work to get my thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with being unlimited.  What a difference moving forward!

I still invest in my business and myself through a whole new lens which informs my strategy for my business.  This approach allows my business to grow faster and with more efficiency.

The bottom line is – Don’t ignore your mental health, personal growth, or family dynamics.  It’s a wise investment along with your business investments.

May is Mental Health Month.

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