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Are You Second Guessing and Overthinking?

There have been many clients lately that are showing up with the inability to make decisions and then make them right for their businesses and themselves.  They are overthinking and overanalyzing the circumstances and the decisions to the point they do nothing.  It’s what keeps a business that can have huge impact be average.

In the 20 plus years of working with people, nobody wants average.  They want to live a great life, have great relationships and build something that they love to do.  You can’t do that with overanalyzing your circumstances. It will only keep you average but also hoping for something different.  Hope is not a method, process or strategy to make great decisions.

The HeartMath Institute has conducted many research studies that show us where we need to concentrate our decision making for certainty and get out of the overthinking.

Have you heard the expression – “The mind thinks but the heart knows.”

When we wind up our minds into overthinking, we actually feed our ego.  Our ego does not want change or for you to stop that thinking.  It wants you average because it’s so comfortable right where you are.

The HeartMath Institute has proven our heart actually knows what to do for us to make great decisions.  The heart feeds a electrical charge to our brains to communicate to us when we are trying to make a decision. It’s giving you the right information.  But when you’re in overdrive with your mind, you are ignoring the heart’s information.

It’s our intuition, our gut, our knowing that is trying to get you to pay attention and move you forward to be more than you thought you could be, your business grow in so many unexpected ways, have great relationships and even sleep well because you’re not overthinking.

The next time you are in overdrive, drop out and breath through your heart, exercise, meditate or listen to soothing music.  There are so many ways for you to practice getting out of overthinking.  They all work.  It depends on which one you like the most.

What you’re looking for is for your brain and heart to be in coherence so you have that knowing and certainty you always wanted.  Start practicing.

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