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7 Ways Leaders Build Great Sustainable Relationships

We’ve lost our ability to build great, sustainable relationships.  It’s a mantra in business to hear that if you want to get ahead build relationships. Yet, we’re losing that ability.

There are key areas you will want to pay attention to that helps you become a relationship builder.

The first way is to be present. It’s not only about being a good listener but actually not thinking about anything else but hearing every word that person is saying.  They will feel heard even more when you are truly interested and have connected with your energy.

Most business surveys tell us that 75% of business conversations, the individuals don’t feel heard. What missed opportunities.

The second way and as important is to get to know someone.  Lately, with the additional stress out in the world, I have noticed that more and more conversations are one-sided. This tends to happen when the outside environment feels hostile.  We saw this same trend after 9/11. 

Know them. Know about them. Know their story.

Showing genuine appreciation is the third way leaders build sustainable relationships.  The art of truly caring is missing.  When stress is in our environment, it can feel difficult to truly care but it’s key.  You not only want to care but truly value the relationship.  You do that by doing something extra for that person – a key introduction, an invite to an event, or extra time for an in-person meeting.

Building on the relationship is to know that words matter. Acknowledging the person matters and encouragement matters. High-level leaders know these ways to truly bring not only their professional leadership to the table but their personal leadership as well.

The fifth way is to point out the good in someone or their actions or something about their family goes a long way with all humans. Leaders know this. They see the good. They say the good and then Leaders point out the extraordinary. Someone will never forget that about you.

Leaders build great relationships because they know their own emotions first.  That’s the sixth way to build sustainable relationships is to know your own emotional intelligence. Having emotional intelligence is one of a top leader’s skill sets. If you know yourself well then you will recognize how to handle other people’s emotions so the relationship stays valuable for both of you.

And finally, learn the language of trust.  Know what trust looks like in your actions and demonstrate it.

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