Do You Have Summer Income?

When summer rolls around a lot of us get into the mood for beach weather, cookouts, and vacations with family and friends.  It’s part of our culture. Even if your children are grown, the world runs on summer vacation.  But what does that mean for your business? Is your income less than you want in […]

Two Kinds of Truths

There are two kinds of truths as an entrepreneur. There’s the work you want to put there in the world that you know that you’re meant to do.  It’s your vision.  It’s your movement.  It’s your mission.   You know it and every day you keep that vision in front of you.  You can feel it […]

What Happens After Taking the Call

In my last blog, I wrote about how important it is to Take the Call when you know you’re not stepping into the work you’re made to put out into the world. The interesting part of making a decision about moving forward with putting your work out there is it goes smooth for a while. […]

Take the Call – It Matters!

I remember the exact day and time. I was sitting in a big leather recliner staring out this huge window looking over the Persian Gulf. I was in Bahrain and by all accounts, my life was doing great. We were on an adventure living in Bahrain on a short-term assignment. Living in an apartment in […]

It’s OK to Be Happy Creating Wealth from Your Business

My family created generational wealth for three generations owning a family business.  My great grandparents, grandparents, and parents all benefitted.  It didn’t go further and I was never aware of this generational wealth until I was older and could put the pieces together.  It became really apparent to me that my grandparents really never worked […]

Don’t Fold Like a Cheap Lawn Chair

You’ve been there before.  The conversation is going well and you know this person will be a great client.  You know you can help them to get results. Then the question – How much? It’s a loaded question for many consultants, coaches, and strategists.  They want to be paid well.  Who doesn’t? But the minute […]

Are You Taking Care of Your Mental Health?

When I first became a psychotherapist over 20 years ago, I was scared and excited all at the same time.  I had gained a lifetime of experience growing up in my family and now I had the skills to help others.  The first place I worked at was a nonprofit that saw CPS (Children’s Protective […]

Know What to Master as an Entrepreneurial Leader

The biggest glitch that comes up for business owners regarding their leadership is how late into their business building timeline they start thinking about their own ways of leading. Yet, you’ve been leading from the start and most likely more from a reactive position. So much is going on that we don’t think at the […]

7 Ways Leaders Build Great Sustainable Relationships

We’ve lost our ability to build great, sustainable relationships.  It’s a mantra in business to hear that if you want to get ahead build relationships. Yet, we’re losing that ability. There are key areas you will want to pay attention to that helps you become a relationship builder. The first way is to be present. […]

Leadership is Not Linear

Everyday you make decisions about your business without thinking about how it might affect you down the road from the perspective of your  leadership. Today, those decisions carry so much more weight and your leadership style is key in this ever-accelerating changing world. Everyone has a leadership style. It either works for you or against […]