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Should You or Shouldn’t You Have One

That’s the question I’ve heard over the years in the entrepreneurial world and lately, it has been in several circles being debated again.

Should you have a morning process or should you get up early and get your most important work done before any journaling, meditating, exercising, prepping meals for the day, etc…..

I’ve been in business for over 20 years now and this subject keeps coming around…..

…..and I’ve tried all of the suggestions out there.

There’s the 5AM Club.  I would get up and sit in my chair until my mind and body could catch up.  I never started anything before 7AM.  I just sat there.  Then my brain couldn’t focus until around 11AM.  

I found out I do my best work between 11AM – 2PM.

Then there were all the versions of a morning routine/process.  Do you exercise first?  Do you journal?  Or whatever the latest was helping someone else.

What it comes down to it… depends on you.

What result do you want for yourself and how do your brain and body operate for you?

For myself, I’ve found I need to have some quiet time in the morning.  It can be as simple as sitting in a chair watching my neighbors going to work, walking their dogs and seeing the kids to school.

The other day, I found myself sitting in that chair and suddenly realizing I was seeing myself on stage giving a whole new signature talk.  I got my journal and started writing and 2 hours later a whole new talk was created.

This morning I got up and immediately wrote my emails for the week and now writing this blog.  I don’t do that too often….. go to work immediately (in my pyjamas!).  But some days it just happens.

I value innovation and creativity in the personal development space in my business working with my clients to get them the best results professionally and personally.  I’ve set up a morning routine that honors that.

That’s the point – what do you value most for yourself?  What’s the mission that gets you going in life and business?  Set up your morning process based on your value system – not what you think you got to do.

I love my quiet time, journaling and meditating first then. I get in the groove of doing my best work anywhere from 10 AM on and after 2PM, you’ll catch me walking the neighborhood before I finish my day.

It works for me.  

When my clients ask what’s the best way, I advise them to hone in on what they value most and the result they want.  Then set up a morning process that supports that.

Be consistent.

Then ask what’s the evidence?

Meaning, are you getting the result you want?

I could have never written that new signature talk in two hours sitting at my desk and willing myself to think of something.

Someone else could have but not me.

Honor your values and how you operate.  You’ll be much more productive.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out.

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